What is an A Frame Banners?

What is an A Frame Banners?

A Frame banners are marketing tools used to advertise a product, business or service. They are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport to other locations. This type of banner is a good supplementary tool to other signs.

How does it work?

The design for this type of banner is very simple. A lightweight frame is used – typically aluminium, plastic or any other thin, sturdy wire – to hold the banner. The triangular shape helps prop up the structure. The frame holds the sign. Some varieties are made of heavier frames like stainless steel.

Those made with lightweight frames are easier to transport, as they are foldable or collapsible. They typically use fabric as a material for the sign. Whilst these are more cost-effective, the user will not be able to change the message. When used with care, these materials are washable and can last for a long time.

The models made of stainless steel are less portable. They’re best used in-house, as they can be heavy. However, the user can change the signs periodically. They’re great for users who are looking for a multiple-use banner.

What are the benefits?

There can never be enough marketing material for a business. Awareness about products and services is important in bringing in customers. These types of banners are eye-catching, even to random passers-by. They’re also more targeted than other banners, as the user can print out more detailed descriptions. This makes it perfect as a supplementary advertising material.

Where can I use it?

The traditional frames can be used outside brick-and-mortar stores to draw in customers. It’s easy to provide more information about products and services with these banners. New offerings and promotions are perfect for this. Those in the retail industry can help boost their sales by announcing their latest offerings.

Those in the food service industry often use this type of banner because the signs are easy to change. Specials can be printed out or written and mounted on the board. New promos, menu changes and operating hours can be announced outside the restaurant. Pictures of house specialities help entice people to come into the establishment.

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