Things to Know About Cert 3 in Aged Care

Things to Know About Cert 3 in Aged Care

Aged Care

Aged care involves working with the elderly who need help when it comes to their day-to-day activities. These senior citizens might face various challenges when it comes to personal needs including toileting, showering and more. After you’ve finished your healthcare course and got a cert 3 in aged care, you can now work as a private caregiver or medical assistant. Here’s what you need to know about this program:

Aged Care

Rewarding Career

Are you looking for a career that’s rewarding? If so, then consider working as an aged care assistant. Your primary role is to assist the elderly people in their daily living. Every day, you will follow their individual plans and help them with their personal, emotional well-being and self-improvement. This is one of the most satisfying careers as you can help your clients in their lives.

There’s a chance that you will feel good about yourself once you’ve seen them in good condition.

Things You’ll Learn

During your studies, you will learn:

  • How the human body changes once it gets old
  • How to empower people
  • Support health needs
  • Communicate with the elderly


It’s not a secret that you will be faced with challenges when you become a health worker. Good thing, you’ll know how to respond to these things because your school will brief you about the hardships you might experience. There’s a chance that your trainer will say the things that the elderly people do when they age.

You’ll also know how to work with them when they are not cooperating.  For example, you’ll have an idea how to respond when the elderly is not following your orders.


A career in the medical field can lead to many different opportunities. Some of these are the following:

  • Personal assistant
  • Aged workers
  • Accommodation support worker

Get a cert 3 in aged care and have a career you’ll be proud of. To learn more about this, visit Hope Training College today. You can also browse their website for further information.