Baths 101: Finding the Perfect Tub for You

Baths 101: Finding the Perfect Tub for You

Every person has bad days, and it’s natural. But wouldn’t having occasional nice warm baths be the perfect way to relieve all that stress? Adding scented candles, relaxing music, a good book or drinking a nice glass of wine whilst in the tub can be an ultimate unwinding experience.

Now that you’ve found out the perfect relaxation treats, it’s time to find the perfect type for your home:

Here are different types of baths you can choose from:


Leaning more on the affordable side on the market, this rectangular-shaped bath is built with a three-walled structure, making it the easiest one to install.

To save more space, some place their showers just above the tub, then encloses the space with a glass panel and door. So, if you’re all about maximizing your bathroom space, this is the perfect tub for you.


If you want this kind of bathtub, you’re going need a lot of bathroom space. A free-standing tub is the opposite of an alcove type because it isn’t mounted on the wall. To have this type installed in your home, ask your carpenters to construct an island or a deck where the tub will be placed.


Popular amongst bachelor pads and hotel honeymoon suites, this type isn’t exactly what people would call ‘child-friendly’. Nonetheless, it’s still popular because of the sense of luxury it gives.

Leaning more on the luxurious side on the market, this tub can accommodate up to two people, making it perfect for relaxing date with your partner. The only concern here is to have this type of bathtub is that it requires a lot of bathroom space. What’s more, it usually takes time to fill up.

Baths help you unwind from a long day’s work. And with various types, sizes, colours and designs to choose from, you need to find one that suits your taste. Visit Bathroomware House’ website to find the right match for you!