Important Questions to Ask Regarding a Building and Pest Inspection

Important Questions to Ask Regarding a Building and Pest Inspection

When you’re planning to purchase an old house, there’s a possibility that pests infestation happening in the house. Hence, it would be better to hire individuals to undergo a building and pest inspection. Before they start the task, you must ask these questions first:

Will you provide a contract?

Once you enquire about a company’s building and pest inspection services, they have the tendency to make lots of promises. To be confident that they’ll stay true to their word, you should ask for a contract. If they provide you with one, you must ask your lawyer to read it to you before signing it. There may be some legal terms there that are hard to understand. The attorney will enlighten you on all the things pointed out in the document, so you’ll be fully informed.

Do we need to vacate the property whilst you inspect it?

Since you don’t know what type of chemicals or equipment they’ll be using, you must ask them if you need to vacate the premises. Of course, it would be better if they use substances that will not damage your health. Furthermore, it would be better if they allow you to stay in the property whilst they inspect it since you’ll allow strangers to get in your house or property.

Will you give a detailed report of your findings?

Providing you with a detailed copy of their findings is important. After all, it would be hard to believe them if they just tell you what they found out after the inspection. Of course, it would be better if it’s written in a format that’s easy to understand.

For a proper building and pest inspection, get in touch with the reliable experts. They’ll make sure to inspect all the areas in your property especially those that are hard to reach. What’s more, as reputable professionals, they’ll make sure they protect your property’s overall condition.