Carpet Stain Removal Tips for Coffee and Pet Stains

Carpet Stain Removal Tips for Coffee and Pet Stains

No matter how careful you are with your carpets, stains will still occur. Good thing, there are different ways to work on carpet stain removal. The process differs depending on the stain that needs to be removed. Pet and coffee stains are the most usual to hit carpets, and below are the most effective ways to remove them:

Pet Stains

Your beloved pets may be toilet-trained, but expect that they won’t be able to hold it all the time. Yes, it may be frustrating, but you would never leave them outside your home to prevent this. The best solution is to learn the right method for carpet stain removal for pet stains.

  • Clean up the mess, and if there is debris left, wear gloves and remove it. If the stain is wet, work on it by blotting to soak up all the moisture without rubbing or smearing. Blot continuously until the area is almost dry and pet stain is gone.
  • If it is already dried on the fibres of the carpet, the best route to remove it is by moistening it. There are available products on the market made for pet stains. Use it and follow directions exactly as prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • Another recommended method is mixing laundry detergent with water. Spray the mixture directly on the spot, leave it for minutes before botting. Rinse the spot with warm water. If needed, repeat the process.

Coffee Stains

If not treated properly, coffee stains can make your carpet look filthy. Carpet stain removal meant for should be performed the soonest time possible. Letting it stay longer may give you a harder time when removing it.

  • Using a white towel, blot the area where coffee was spilt. Best to change the towel you use from time to time to avoid coffee stain from spreading.
  • Try mixing water, vinegar and a non-bleach and gentle detergent, and then spray it directly on the stained area. Rinse it well and repeat the entire process if needed.
  • If the above did not work, you can buy solutions available in the market. Use the carpet stain removal solution for coffee stains exactly as how manufacturer instructed.