Events Where Name Badges are Usually Used

Events Where Name Badges are Usually Used

Some companies often use name badges as temporary photo IDs. Aside from companies, a lot of other places use these items including:

  •  Seminars

Name badges are needed in seminars for the speaker to properly address the attendees. Of course, it would be best for the speaker to get the attendees involved in the talk by calling them to answer questions. This would help the attendees to not fall asleep during the seminar as one person talking throughout the talk can get boring.

  • Retreats

There are many instances when people from all walks of life would join an out of town retreat organised by a group. The retreat could be on a beach or on top of a mountain. Since the participants don’t know each other, the organiser will make use of name badges, so they’ll know each other’s names.

  • Pub Crawls

If you haven’t been to bar hopping events, they’re so much fun. You’ll meet lots of people whilst going to different bars together. To promote interaction amongst the party goers, the organisers will put name badges on the participants. It won’t be long before they’ll turn strangers into good friends.

  • Field Trips

Students are usually required to go on field trips with their classmates and other batchmates. They could go to various places like amusement parks, museums and even temples. Sometimes, the purpose of the trip is for fun whilst in other cases, it’s for education. Of course, there’s a strong possibility some students don’t know the names of their batchmates, so organisers will put name tags on everyone. Another purpose of it is to prevent anyone from getting lost.

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