What to Expect from Professional Carpet Cleaners

What to Expect from Professional Carpet Cleaners

Because of their busy schedule, owners don’t have the time to clean their carpets or change the curtains, let alone clean their homes from top to bottom. Hence, they need to hire professionals like carpet cleaners to do the chores on their behalf.

Are you one of the busy homeowners? If so, here are some things to ask when hiring these cleaning experts.

Carpet Cleaning


How will I know if I need them?

Stained carpets and upholstery are not easily cleaned with chemical cleaners that are bought from stores as the fibres of the fabrics may easily be ruined. If you have nylon carpeting, you don’t need to worry since it can be cleaned in a short period. However, if you own polyester or polypropylene, stains are not easily removed and can even permanently stay in the rug. Polypropylene does not yield to oil-based stains, whilst polyester can shed fibres after a few washes. If you notice the water used for cleaning turn into the shade of the mat or carpet, it means it’s losing the dye.

Check your carpets for stains and soils gathered from food debris and other dirt. Also, check if it has accumulated fur and hair from your beloved pets. These make it harder to wash and rinse using a regular machine washer.

Is the service worth it?

Steam cleaning is a common method used in restoring the cleanliness of mats, rug and carpets. This is done by using high-pressure steam to carefully remove residues from the fabric. It is the safest cleaning method, much safer than hand and machine washing.

It saves time as well. Usually, it can be done in less than an hour. However, drying time may take more than two hours maximum. After this, the carpets will no longer be harbouring chemical, unnatural scents, which can protect the kids and the pets from sudden allergy attacks.

Upholstery made of linen, cotton and leather will be carefully cleaned as well. If you have fragile furniture, just tell them to give extra care.

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