How to Get a Level 2 Traffic Control Certification

How to Get a Level 2 Traffic Control Certification

Level 2 traffic control courses train students in road management. Those who want to work in road management implementation need this accreditation. It teaches candidates the skills to read, interpret and implement road regulations and plans. They’re also trained in road equipment setup and removal.

  • Prerequisite Courses

Level 1 accreditation is needed before taking road management implementation courses. Level 1, which is primarily aimed at controlling traffic, teaches students the standard procedure. These standards are set by the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Candidates are also required to study the Traffic Controller Accreditation Scheme.

  • Eligibility

A driver’s license is required to be eligible for a level 2 traffic control certification. They can either be open or provisional. They can come from both Australia or overseas and must have been continuously active within 12 months. The activity period for the driver’s license must be within the recent 5 years. They do not accept applicants with criminal histories.

  • Course Component: Theory

The theory is an important part of learning how to control and implement road regulations. These lessons are done in a traditional setting – a classroom. The instructor teaches students the implementation guidebook over the course of eight hours. Students are assessed on their ability to comprehend the manual. Afterwards, they are given a certificate of attendance.

Numeracy and literacy skills are a requirement for this course, which are both factors in assessment.

  • Course Component: Practical

Theoretical training is a prerequisite to practical training. Students are taken to real life sites where they can apply their theoretical knowledge. They must set up and break down three road signages, each with varying degree of difficulty. They will be observed and assessed by the instructor. The student must comply with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices’ (MUTD) standards.

  • Completion

If the candidate passes the theoretical and practical component of the training, they are issued a certification, along with an ID card. The course also grants students a Statement of Attainment upon course completion.

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