When to Hire an Electrician

When to Hire an Electrician

Most homeowners don’t think small electrical problems warrant a visit from an electrician. What most don’t realise is that these could be symptomatic of a bigger problem. At best, your electrical appliances could use more energy than they should, due to non-optimal working conditions. At worst, you could be putting yourself at risk of fires.


In Australia, over 65% of fires are caused by electrical failures. This includes faulty electrical distribution equipment such as switches, lamps, bulbs and wiring. Without professional advice, it can be easy to overlook small problems in your appliances. This is why you should never hesitate to seek help from an expert. Here are a few signs you need a technician.

Your light bulbs flicker intermittently


It’s normal for light bulbs to flicker, especially when they’re old. It could be that they need replacement. However, there’s a problem if:

  • New bulbs continue to flicker.
  • It doesn’t happen in one targeted area – it happens throughout the whole house.
  • You’ve had instances of bulbs exploding.

Flickering light bulbs might be symptomatic of problems in your breaker. It could be that the device is unable to control the current running through the home. This is why the power surges and fluctuates.

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There’s a weird smell in your home

The smell of electrical wires burning or melting is very distinct. Some homeowners pass this off as one cord getting too hot, but it should never be ignored. Electrical cords are built to withstand the heat. However, if there’s nothing regulating the current, it can lead to dire consequences. A simple spark could cause a huge fire in your home.

If you smell electricity burning in your home, you should immediately cut off all power. This will prevent the problem from getting bigger and lessens the risk of fires. Then, call a technician immediately.

Whilst some people might think it’s too quick to call a professional for a small problem, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. There’s no telling how big the problem is, especially for people who have no experience in electrotechnology.