When to Hire Rope Access Electricians

When to Hire Rope Access Electricians

Scaling buildings and other high-rise places can be daunting, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. Not only is it possible for you to be involved in an accident, you might also injure people and damage other premises as well. To prevent you from getting into a big mess, hire professional rope access electricians for the following situations:

Ledge-Mounted Air Conditioning Installation

Everyone knows how hot and humid it can be, especially during the summer months. However, for those living in high-rise buildings and condominiums, it can be difficult to install a ledge-mounted air conditioning installation by yourself. Not only is the unit heavy, it’s also dangerous to do this by yourself.

So, to save yourself from all these troubles, call licensed electricians right away. They know how to properly mount your cooling device, so it’s fully secured in its position.

Neon or LED Installation, Repair and Replacement

Often, billboards, neon signs and other LED installations need to be replaced. However, this can’t be done by ordinary citizens. After all, simply scaling a wall can be a frightening experience. What more when they have to replace lights, photos or even tarpaulins, right?

For businesses who often advertise using these materials, it’s best to call experts to your aid. They know how to safely approach the situation. Not only can they display your advertisement right away, they also make sure it’s positioned properly.

Stadium Pole Lighting Maintenance

If you have ever been in a big stadium, you know how high stadium poles can be. With their powerful and blinding lights, it can be a scary pole to scale. But with the right equipment and proper training, electricians can safely go up and replace light bulbs.

To hire rope access electricians, contact 5th Star Services today. They have IRATA-qualified professionals ready to assist you.