Important Qualifications of Professional Painters

Important Qualifications of Professional Painters

Professional painters usually work as a part of a larger team. They are commonly a part of house building or construction companies. These professionals don’t just work with newly built homes or offices. They also provide services for already existing structures. A fresh coat can turn a worn-down building into a fresh-looking office in a snap!

If you’re looking for a professional in the field, here are a few things you need to consider:

The professional should be licensed

Not a lot of people know that professional painters need proper licensing and certification. Most professionals in the field need to get a Certificate III Painting and Decorating recognition. This is honoured by all Australian states. It’s also a requirement for doing even the most basic contracting jobs. To qualify for the license, candidates should complete:

  • Four-year apprenticeship programs
  • Basic curriculum (in conjunction with apprenticeship)

The Recognition of Prior Learning

This is a special recognition for candidates who have not completed the required certification but have shown skill in the field. Candidates must have four years of experience under a licensed professional. They must also complete a gap training, which trains candidates in best safety and work practices, as well as finer skills.

The application from the Department of Fair Trading

The education and apprenticeship program can take four years. The application process can take one to three years. Looking at all the facts, it takes hard work to be a professional in the field. Therefore, any specialist would be glad to show potential clients their license. Never hire a professional without seeing their credentials first.

They should have fair prices

Every service provider is different. Some will want to have the payment upfront, whilst others may want an hourly rate. Regardless, make sure that you’re getting fair, standard prices for the service. Make it a point to clarify what’s included in the service. If the painters include materials in the fees, expect to pay more.

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