Top 4 Lawn Mowing Tips for Your Home

Top 4 Lawn Mowing Tips for Your Home

Lawn mowing looks like an easy task on paper. However, there’s a chance you’ll shorten the lifespan of the grass if you don’t do it right. To do it the right way, follow these simple tips:

Mow During Dry Season

It would be better to do lawn mowing during the dry season compared to the wet season. You won’t harm the grass if you do it during the wet season, but you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Furthermore, there’s a possibility you’ll get an uneven cut. You can also expect wet grass to fall off the mower whilst you’re not looking.

Mow in Shade

When you mow the lawn, the grass will get terribly stressed. They’re living things too, so it would be better if you wait until the lawn is shaded. They’ll lose more water and recover more slowly if you decide to do the chore in the middle of the day whilst it’s very hot.

Mow in Different Patterns

If you mow in the same pattern each time you do the chore, there’s a possibility you’ll risk compacting soil and creating ruts. When that happens, you’ll end up with unhealthy grass. Therefore, it would be best to mow in different patterns whenever you do the chore.

Use a Battery-Powered Mower

If you’re looking for a mower, you may want to consider a battery-powered model. This type offers more power to cut large yards. Of course, it would be better if you get one that has a removable battery, so you can recharge it whilst doing the task.

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