4 Horrible Dangers of Leaking Shower

4 Horrible Dangers of Leaking Shower

A leaking shower is a common household problem you would encounter at least once in your life. In fact, it causes a lot to do with the wear and tear of your water system due to ageing. This leads to an error in the installation process.

Your home’s plumbing system needs to be installed, maintained and repaired by professionals. Because some plumbing fixtures like showers have intricate parts that only experts know how to deal with. And if you want guaranteed safe and quality service done, trust the hands of experts to handle everything.

Here are the nasty effects of a shower leak:

Flaking Paint

Unless you invested in the wrong commercial house painter, seeing flaking paint on your walls is usually caused by a leak as well. So, if your home is designed with wallpapers, best to act on it now than redecorate the entire thing.

Leaking Drains

Your pipes are connected to different drainages in your home such as your kitchen and bathroom, sink, shower, toilet, bathtub, washing machine and so on. Meaning, you can’t always assume that you’re experiencing a shower leak. Still, if you are, you’re still wasting a huge amount of water.

Call for professional plumbers and have them check what the root of the problem is and where it started.

Broken Tiles

Leaks are also notorious for harming bathroom tiles. It can cause your wall and floor tiles to either crack or completely fall off from the wall. Water can severely affect the durability of the material holding the tiles together. Cracked tiles can cause people to slip or cute themselves.

Lingering Odour

Leaks happen from the inside before it starts to show on your bathroom fixtures. And since there is no sunlight to dry the leaking water, a damp smell will start to linger in your home. And no matter how hard you try to deodorise it, it’ll stay there.

Every household emergency, including a leaking shower, should be fixed as soon as possible by experts. Visit Aquashield’s website and have expert maintenance done on your water system today!