How Maintain Your Commercial Cool Room

How Maintain Your Commercial Cool Room

Keeping your perishable food items fresh is one of the most important things in the food industry. One method to keep food at its best is by storing it in a controlled room. For large scale storage, having a commercial cool room is the best way to go because it ensures the hygiene and quality of the food you serve and sell. However, it will be quite difficult to preserve the freshness of foodstuff if it is placed in a poorly maintained storage.

Here are some tips for commercial cool room upkeep:

Clean Regularly

Raw meats create a mess inside storerooms. It is inevitable that blood, fat and other fluids can stain the cool room. Regular and thorough cleaning should be conducted in order to prevent bacteria build-up. Even simple stains such as fingerprint, beverage spills, and grease can cause infection to your supplies. Make sure to wash with warm water and wipe to dry.

Prevent Rusting

Cool rooms are made of stainless steel, but it isn’t exempted from corrosion. Continued exposure to moisture and uncleaned rust marks can lead to rusting your cool room. This will result in the deterioration of your unit over time. You can prevent this by using a cream cleanser and cloth, finishing off with baking powder solution.

Handle with Care

Despite commercial refrigeration units being large and heavily built, it requires caution when being cleaned. It is not advisable to use the hose when cleaning because electrical systems might be damaged by the impact and pressure of water.

Perform Periodic Maintenance Checks

In order to ensure that your cool room will remain in top shape, it is ideal to conduct daily, monthly, and annual checks. This includes checking the compressors, evaporators, pressure level, calibration and temperature. With this, you will be able to monitor the performance of your unit and will alert you of any malfunctions.

Commercial cool rooms make storing food and other products easier. Maintaining your unit’s cleanliness and performance is a small price to pay for the convenience it serves. If you do not already have one, make sure to check out Hospitality Superstore.