Important Questions to Ask an Online Timber Flooring Company

Important Questions to Ask an Online Timber Flooring Company

As a customer, you need to be wise with investments you’re making for your home. Shopping in an online timber flooring company is no exception. Whether you’re making inquiries on the phone, text messaging or email, you need to ask the right questions before purchasing anything.

Here are important questions to ask when looking for an online timber flooring company:

What does your warranty cover?

When purchasing from a timber flooring company, be sure that the products they’ll be providing you are damage-free and of excellent quality. The warranty must also allow you to return a product that is defective if it is still covered by the warranty. The defective item must be replaced.

In the case of hardwood floors, be reminded that the provider will only recognise the warranty if the house is still occupied by the original owner and if that person is the one who purchased the flooring.

What do you recommend?

No matter who you talk to when you contact a timber flooring company, the representative should be aware of the various kinds of hardwood such as solid and engineered flooring. The best thing about these two types is that they can be easily repaired with sanding and refinishing.

Which installation method is best?

Every type of floor is installed and maintained differently. A good timber flooring company should be able to make suggestions that you can forward to your contractor for the right installation of your hardwood floor.

People who will be working with you regarding flooring should be knowledgeable. They should know the type of hardwood floor that suits your home and your lifestyle. Your provider should be concerned not only in selling you a product but in helping you as well. For the best service, get in touch with Bankstown timber flooring today. Inquire about their offer now!