Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Best for Your Rugs?

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Best for Your Rugs?

Let’s face it: a DIY clean could never compare to a professional carpet cleaning job. Rugs come out looking like new every time. To add to this, you don’t have to spend all day scrubbing, vacuuming and drying your floor covers! But you may wonder, what makes a professional job so much more effective than doing it yourself? Here are a few reasons:

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They have commercial-grade machines.

Vacuums aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of equipment. They come in different horsepower strengths and grades. Home vacuums simply aren’t strong enough to do a thorough clean of your carpets. At most, they can remove surface-level dirt, but they won’t do much else. Furthermore, even wet/dry models won’t be able to completely dry out the rugs after stain removal.

Professional cleaners aren’t just equipped with commercial-grade vacuum cleaners – they use a set of specialised machines, too! From cylindrical foam machines to rotary shampoo equipment, they have all the tools they need to give your rugs the complete service. These are used to target different problems efficiently.

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They use different techniques for different situations.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking washing a rug is straightforward. This is exactly why a DIY clean can never match the results of a professional job. There’s no one way to remove stains and dirt off carpets. Technicians know how to use different methods to suit each client. Whether it be stain removal or complete rejuvenation, they have the technical skills to do the job right.

They dry your carpets efficiently.

It may seem like a small thing to some, but drying rugs is an important part of the process. Damp rugs can harbour dirt, bacteria and mould – all of which can damage the fabric in the long run. In addition, using damp carpets will result in a musky smell.

Professionals make it a point to completely dry rugs before allowing the client to use them. Some will even use dry washing methods to prevent it from happening. With their advanced knowledge, it’s no wonder they produce such effective results!