All about Professional Painters

All about Professional Painters

Professional painters based in Adelaide are experts in choosing, applying and finishing paints. They are hired for both domestic and commercial settings. Contractors who work in the field make it a point to create the best paint job for their clients. What’s more, they go through rigorous training to do so.

They need licensing.

Painting experts need licensing from the Department of Fair Trading in order to work in Australia. This helps ensure that each project is a success. A Certificate III in Painting and Decorating is a prerequisite for all contractors. This teaches them the best methods and techniques for a perfect paint job.

Although it’s not a high-risk job, experts can still encounter some hazards. Some older structures still have painted with lead or asbestos. This can be dangerous for both the contractor and the owner. Their training gives them the skills to identify these types of paints. It also teaches them the safest work practices when removing hazardous materials.

When are they needed?

Painting experts are hired during:

  • New construction – Developers will often hire a paint expert to ensure that both the exterior and interior walls are freshly coated.
  • Renovations and Remodels – Nothing says new like a fresh coat of paint! They can make a huge difference in how a room looks.

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What are the benefits?

Whilst anyone can buy a can of paint and a brush, nothing beats professionally painted walls. These experts are trained to leave the thinnest layer of paint, without sacrificing the opacity. This gives a better finish overall. They also know the best types of paints and finishes for every type of wall material. This helps make any paint job last longer.

These experts take the stress away from painting. Who has the time to do it themselves? Professionals can come in with all the tools they need to make walls look immaculate. And the best part is: they clean up afterwards! Clients don’t have to worry about making – or cleaning – a mess. They can relax, knowing that their walls will come out perfectly every time.