How To Properly Do Upholstery Cleaning

How To Properly Do Upholstery Cleaning

Some people hire professionals for upholstery cleaning. This is the best option since upholstery can be very delicate, and cleaning it wrongfully may cause permanent damages. Nevertheless, there is a quick cleaning you can do. In as fast as 15 minutes, your upholstery will look almost brand-new. Here’s how to do that:

What You Need

Prepare everything you need before starting. Cleaning tools and materials you need:

• Vacuum
• Clean white cloth (prepare few)
• A tin of compressed air (like dust off duster)
• Dish soap (use gentle and clear soap)
• Horsehair upholstery brush
• A small bucket

1. Suction (Duration: 5 minutes)

Vacuum (use the upholstery attachment nozzle, if your vacuum has any) the entire area from left going to right in short and overlapping strokes. Start at the top portion and work on it down up to the bottom. If you are working on delicate fabrics, like linen and silk, turn the suction to the lowest level possible. The left to the right method is necessary for nappy materials that grasp on dirt, like corduroy, velvet, suede and chenille.

Attach a hose or an old panty on the nozzle (secure it with a rubber band) to keep coins, earrings or any pieces of jewels to get sucked into the vacuum. Once done, use a tin of compressed air to discharge dirt from button nooks and tufting.

2. Spot Removal (Duration: 5 minutes, depending on the number of stains to be removed)

Attack stains on cotton, jacquard, polyester acrylic blends and linen using chemical solutions available in the market (best to follow instructions set by the manufacturer).

Tip: Do a spot test first in an area that is almost not visible before working on stains on surfaces that are highly visible. Some chemical solutions may impact the quality of fabric negatively.

If it doesn’t work after numerous attempts, do not force yourself; instead, call a professional to do the cleaning for you. Too harsh chemicals and too hard cleaning may ruin the fabric of your upholstery. There are hard-to-remove stains that only professionals can remove. Just visit if you want to get a reliable cleaning service.