The Risks of DIY Carpet Steam Cleaning

The Risks of DIY Carpet Steam Cleaning

It is cheaper to rent a carpet steam cleaning machine than to hire a professional, but are the savings enough to conclude that DIY is better? There are valid reasons why DIY carpet steam cleaning is not highly recommended to be done by anyone who is not trained and educated to do so. There are risks involved that can be too damaging to carpets. If up until this moment, you are still considering the savings, you better read the risks of DIY steam cleaning:

  • Too Wet Carpets

This is a usual error committed by someone who does not have an idea how to work on this task. Carpets that were left wet for a longer time may have too many problems, like a foul odour, discolouration, and shrinkage and can stimulate mould growth.

In the long run, mould growth can cause health issues, especially when inhaled by those who are allergic or sensitive to them. This can encourage allergy symptoms, respiratory infections or asthma attacks in those people with compromised immunity.

  • Disappointing Results

Never expect a perfect finish when you perform DIY. What a professional can do is way incomparable to what you can do. Instead of feeling happy, you might end up disappointed in yourself. After all the efforts and time, plus the money you spent, you will still see a carpet that is stained and dirty.

Someone who does not know how to perform cleaning well will think that using too much detergent is the best way to maximise the cleanliness of their carpets. Unfortunately, that is not the case. You may only end up re-soiling it, giving you useless and completely ineffective cleaning.

  • Carpet Warranties

It is part of the manufacturer’s condition to have the carpet cleaned by professionals or else warranty may be voided. So instead of having a smooth transaction claiming warranties, you may end up not being able to do so since you tried to save money.

There are home tasks that you can do pretty well and successfully and unfortunately, this specific task is not worth it, considering the risk. It is better to hire a reliable service from a carpet steam cleaning company if you can’t do the job properly.