Tips for a Successful Corporate Catering Event

Tips for a Successful Corporate Catering Event

Every event planner deal with a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing the right venue, program and of course, catering. If you are tasked to find the best corporate catering provider, you can check out Room with Roses.

Listed below are some tips for a successful catering event:

1. Know the type of event

It’s important that you check the type of occasion you’re preparing for. Since this is a corporate event, classic wines and steak should be part of the menu. The reason why you need to review the type of event is to serve the appropriate meals in the party. For example, if the event is a celebration of a partnership or a completed project, the food must be presented in a luxurious manner. International cuisine must be served in a more elegant setting.

Before you hire a corporate catering provider, make sure to check what they offer. If they have extensive options for different events, then move on to the food tasting.

2. Provide multiple options

Some people like variety and even control what they’re eating. To prevent issues in the food, why not serve multiple options? Serve three or more salad dressings so everyone is not stuck in the same entrée. This makes the setup more enjoyable for the guests.

3. Consider the dietary restrictions of guests

Not all people eat greasy meat and fried foods. Some are vegetarian or vegan, therefore, they don’t eat anything that comes from an animal. Cold cuts, chicken and other ingredients aren’t consumed by these people. As the planner, you must consider the dietary restrictions of guests to avoid problems in the reception.

Inform the corporate catering provider about gluten-free options so they can prepare. To make this task easier, ask the guests to name a few ingredients they are allergic to. Include this in the RSVP so you can be informed ahead of time. If you want to have a successful party, entrust the food planning to!