Things to Look for in a Mobile Coffee Van

Things to Look for in a Mobile Coffee Van

Franchising a mobile coffee van? Make sure that the vehicle is equipped with the necessary machines you need to brew a drink. Aside from the espresso machine, there are a couple of things that make up the cart. Here are the things to look for in the mobile café:

  • Massive generators

Without any source of power, how can you operate the machine in the van? Generators are used to run appliances in the vehicle. You need to check the capacity of the generators to prevent problems in your production. For example, enquire how long can the battery last? Exactly how many hours are needed to recharge this device? The company can give you a manual containing all the information about the business.

  • Big storage

To keep your supplies fresh and clean, the vehicle must have a big storage. The disposal cups, coffee beans, stirrers and added flavours must be kept in a controlled container. This is to prevent spoilage and dirt build-up from happening inside the van.

Another reason why this must have a storage is to organise the supplies. If everything is well-kept, then it will be easier to conduct inventory every single day.

  • Freezer and refrigerator

Are you selling cupcakes and sandwiches? Make sure to store them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. Customers can tell if the food is already spoiled. The stinky smell and the awful taste of the burger sandwich can make anyone throw up.

  • Standard sink and bench space

The franchisor needs a water supply in creating different blends. It would be nice to have a standard sink which helps you clean the bench space and other tools.

Even though the van can look small, the franchisor can serve customers with a fully-equipped vehicle. Having all these features and appliances help to preserve and prepare the orders.

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