Solid and Engineered Timber Flooring

Solid and Engineered Timber Flooring

When it comes to comfort and appeal, there’s no other material that can surpass the beauty of timbre flooring. Aside from the flawless finish, this material has an outstanding strength that can endure heavy foot traffic. It is a great addition to any house because of its luxurious texture and colour shades.

For homeowners who are thinking about a renovation, you can come directly to us for superior quality timbre flooring installation. We have different kinds of wood supplies to choose from. There’s Premium Hardwood, Softwood and Engineered lumber.

Resistant to Wear and Tear

All our supplies are developed using the most advanced equipment to create stunning pieces of hardwood. This material is quite expensive compared to the other types because of its resistance to wear and tear. In the house, the daily foot traffic and accidental liquid spills can affect the regular wood. However, if you invest in quality hardwood, the material doesn’t lose its appeal after years of use.

Timeless Beauty

The grain pattern of the floor gives an authentic nature-like vibe in the house. We all know that timbre doesn’t go out of style. It can perfectly blend with modern and traditional interiors, which makes it a timeless piece.

Right now, this material continues to dominate the residential and commercial properties because of its minimalist appearance. Suppliers continue to develop these products but create more grain pattern options that are suitable for every establishment.

Undeniable Comfort

The most amazing thing about timbre flooring is the comfort it gives. Unlike the concrete, tile flooring, and vinyl flooring, wood provides warmth during the winter season. The concrete absorbs and retains the temperature on the surface that’s why it is cool to the touch. With high-quality timbre, you can be barefoot in the house without feeling the breeze on your feet.

Give your home a makeover using our top-notch timbre supplies. Choose from different grain pattern that matches the existing structures. For more information, get in touch with us today.