What is Core Drilling?

What is Core Drilling?

Concrete core drilling is basically the systematic process of putting holes in walls, floors or buildings that are made out of cement.

These construction services normally make use of a cutting tool that has a diamond centre. Skilled contractors will be able to create perfect holes on both vertical and horizontal surfaces that are formed out of cement. If the project requires it, even a ceiling that is made out of cement could also have holes in it.

Once the process has been completed, a pellet of cement is then taken away from the surface. Concrete cutting and other activities go through their own set of processes, as they are all part of cement removal.

Manhole Taps

The holes that are put there by a diamond cutting tool are for utility penetrations, which are normally under the fields of electric wiring, heating and plumbing. Manhole taps or vault taps at underground construction activities also make use of these for phone lines, computer lines, steam pipes, sewer lines and water pipes.

If a huge block will be taken away, a series of holes would be done in a row which intersects one another. This kind of cement cutting is mostly utilised when other practices are not applicable. It is also used to take away blocks which are shaped like squares or rectangles.

Vacuum Pressure

The tool is created out of a steel tube, and the part that digs the holes is full of diamond segments. The machine is often attached to the surface or floor by vacuum pressure or a bolt and anchor and is best used by experienced construction workers.

If you want quality services done for your facility, get in touch with skilled core drilling professionals right away. You might be tempted to use the diamond cutting tool yourself (since it can be rented), but let the pros do what they do best so that the job will be completed well.