Who Are These Janitors Cleaners?

Who Are These Janitors Cleaners?

The janitors (also known as “cleaners”) play a significant role in the cleanliness of any school, office or commercial area simply because it is their job to keep the area spotless.

When we would talk about janitorial services, most of us think about that person in a uniform who flushes the public toilet when nobody else wants to or that lady who vacuumed the floor of the entranceway, or the guy who collected all the rubbish from the bins and threw them away in a storage bin.

These cleaners must have endurance and the strength to do their jobs properly because they are on their feet the whole work shift, managing heavy-duty equipment and more. It is actually not an easy job and something that not a lot of people would like to do.

What are their usual job responsibilities?

  • The cleaning crew has to leave the office tidy for the other employees. This includes collecting rubbish and disposing of it properly and vacuuming the rugs.
  • The workstations must be dusted thoroughly, especially the computer screens, keyboards and mice.
  • Janitorial services have to sterilise the comfort rooms and make sure that there is liquid soap in the dispenser and toilet paper where it needs to be located in.
  • There are huge corporations which may require the cleaning solution to order the supplies they need for sanitising, and the team will be responsible for making an inventory of all the equipment bought.
  • Any cubicles that have windows must be cleaned.
  • Depending on the type of business the cleaning team works in, they may have to sanitise rugs and carpeted floors to keep mites and mould away from everyone.
  • There are cleaners which make use of chemicals to make sure areas like the bathroom are germ-free. This means that they have to know how to handle these chemicals properly so they don’t cause harm to anyone. Grouts will surely be cleaned.
  • Some cleaning solutions are the last to leave the premises (the security guards will stay of course), so they have to make sure all doors are locked before they go.

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